When looking at photography from a historical perspective it seems everything has been discovered and nothing new will be invented. Alex Katz, an American painter, said: [Mental] image precedes a photograph. Therefore limits of possible in photography can only be established by our imagination. Each photograph imposes on us an inner dialogue, kind of discourse between imagination and representation. The most recent piece of work by Anna Orłowska, Leakage, requires a viewer to be open-eyed and open-minded. The works are ambiguous, they don`t mirror everyday reality. Seemingly static, but not at a standstill. Each photograph from the series determines its own set of concepts and its own time, which keeps in suspense our perception and our understanding of the mutual relations between particular images. We come across a strange paradox: mechanical reproduction of reality, being a product of our civilization, mingles with mental image, a kind of a phantom. This is how a myth is born and becomes believable in Ania Orłowska`s photographs, thanks to her photography.

Łódź, 3th December 2011 Grzegorz Przyborek

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