blackground: Mateusz Choróbski & Anna Orłowska
video: Mateusz Choróbski
sound: Michał Fojcik
24 - 9/07/2013 Kraków, Grolsch ArtBoom Festival
curator: Katarzyna Wąs

blackground from Mateusz Choróbski on Vimeo.

Blackground evokes a feeling as if the world around is
collapsing, just like the weathered sliding rocks. It is a
dark spot among grass, strange to this place, standing out
against the background. At the same time, it is a background
itself for other events. It combines a surface loss,
which, paradoxically, constitutes value in itself, with the
strangeness of nature reintroduced into the quarry. The
impression we have upon entering this dark, unsettling
surface, of the balance being disturbed is gradually supplanted
by curiosity and fascination and finally a feeling
of comfort and relaxation.
The oddness of the situation in which a person is taking
tentative steps on a rickety ground provokes reflection
on the fluidity of the experience. Achieving equilibrium, a
feeling of being, somehow, neutral just like a stroller might
have, may appear a great starting point for a discussion
on the situation that surrounds us.
Katarzyna Wąs